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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Modeling Answered

In terms of prestige and income, modeling ranks high on the list of dream jobs.”

 -From the book Black and Beautiful: How Women of Color Changed the Fashion Industry

It’s no wonder modeling is considered a “dream job” and that’s because most treat the sought after profession as something one can only dream about.

Well, I bet if those same people knew the term model derived from the word mannequin, their views would change faster than you would want to pass go and collect $200 —wait that’s monopoly (wink!)

Here are just some of the most frequently asked questions about modeling answered:

1.) I heard you have to be skinny in order to become a model. Is that true?

FALSE! If that were the case then the full figured division would be one hell of a contradiciton …

2.) I heard once you reach your mid 20′s your too old to model. Is that true?

FALSE! While it’s not impossible, I doubt clients would choose a 16 year old to flash pearly dentures in a Poligrip® advertorial …

 3.) I heard if they ask you to pay it’s a scam. Is that true?

Well, I’m going to need you to be just a little bit more specific darling, and besides who are “they?”  To answer your question I’ll say  TRUE and FALSE! It’s a scam if “they” are promising you fame and fortune. It’s not a scam if “they” are an online talent agency like where you pay a monthly, tri-monthly or annual fee to be placed in their database since they don’t take a percentage from jobs booked, and there are no cancellation fees or start up costs. Therefore, they charge because well…that’s the only way their staff gets paid!

My question to you is … who told you all of this false nonsense?

My advice to you is … never seek counsel from those who have no clue. If you feel modeling is for you then try it because you have nothing to lose. After all, “they” say a lot of things that make absolutely no sense like, “Ignorance is bliss.”  (Get my drift?)





P.S. What are some misconceptions you ever heard about the modeling industry? Or better yet what’s the biggest lie you ever told yourself as it relates to the subject? (I’m listening …)


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